Study Abroad Alumni International (SAAI) is an emerging community of global citizens dedicated to expanding study abroad opportunities and increasing international awareness and cross-cultural understanding. 


A life-changing experience


Almost universally, study abroad alumni look back on their foreign study experience as a major milestone in their lives: eye-opening, mind-expanding and life-changing. They feel a deep emotional connection to the experience and the people with whom they shared it.

A powerful force


Although study abroad alumni share a strong common bond, they have not yet established a global organization to champion study abroad opportunities and to increase international awareness and cross-cultural understanding. SAAI's goal is to turn millions of study abroad alumni around the world into a powerful, unified force.

A more peaceful world


In a world that grows increasingly chaotic, fractious and dangerous by the day, the spirit of global citizenship and international understanding is more urgent than ever. Millions of study abroad alumni across the globe can and should play a significant role in creating a more peaceful world. 


> Create an active international community of study abroad alumni from all walks of life, including business, academia, science, government, entertainment. 

> Serve as a strong, independent voice of support and advocacy for study abroad and other cultural exchange programs.

> Provide scholarships and other forms of financial support for students who want to participate in study abroad programs.

> Publicize study abroad success stories.

> Offer opportunities for high-profile study abroad alumni to share their personal experience and support for study abroad programs with the media, public officials and the general public.

> Sponsor conferences, publications, and web-based forums to enable members to share, with one another and with other key audiences, the value of their study abroad experiences.

> Establish a global network of SAAI country chapters with close ties to like-minded organizations and educational institutions.

> Forge a wide range of mutually beneficial partnerships with educational institutions, nongovernmental organizations, and other appropriate international organizations. 

> Assist in creating enriched exchange and study abroad opportunities for students, faculty, and administrators.

Many thanks for your interest in SAAI.

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